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    Douglas C SykesMar 17, 2020 at 8:16 am

    Brandon, do your homework. The Houston Astro’s were not the first to do this. This has in fact been around since 1951 in the “Shot that was heard around the world”

    “ Out in center field, the signs were being stolen via a telescope or binoculars or something — and interestingly enough, it was a buzzer system from the employee in center field letting the dugout know what the pitch that had been called by the catcher was, and they found a way to inform the hitter. Apparently, everybody knew it. Everybody knew this was going on after the fact. Ralph Branca, who gave up the home run pitch to Bobby Thomson… Thomson knew it, and in interviews about this in years and years after the game and after the event, nobody would deny it”

    “Chicago White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle called the Texas Rangers cheaters on Tuesday, claiming that the team signals pitches to batters through a high-tech light system in center field.”

    And, let’s not leave the snow white, pure as the driven snow pitchers out either, who have since the beginning of baseball have doctored said baseball with everything from spit, to pine tar, sanding with sand paper, etc, etc.

    Don’t think for a minute other teams haven’t used and probably still will use these methods along with Apple Watches thank you Yankees for that idea.

    Not all Astros players did it, not all Astros players who did it, did it all the time, not all Astros players who knew what pitch was coming did in fact hit the ball.

    And, don’t forget the Astros had a pretty good road record also.

    I think a lot of sour grapes come into play here, the Astros 2017 team were a good team.

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