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Alicia Szutowicz-Fitzpatrick, vice president of the Club and Events Board and the CAEB representative for the Student Senate (left), at the Student Senate meeting on May 3, 2024. (Photo by Shy Bell)

Students vote for ARC’s ASB members

Shy Bell, A&C Editor May 18, 2024

Here in America, we have the liberty of exercising our democratic freedom by voting for those that represent us. Students at American River College are allowed this same opportunity by voting for the students...

A quarter inside a tire tread is one way to check wear. (Photo illustration by Jose Leon)

Prepare for summer: Top five car issues and how to fix them

Jose Leon, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Traversing Sacramento roads in the heat of summer is a cruel punishment that every local driver must go through, and what could make this situation even worse is dealing with car issues. Stuck on the side...

Whenever students want to transfer they come to the Counseling Transfer Center. (Photo by Clifton Bullock III)

Transferring to a four-year college isn’t always easy, but all students should have equal access

Clifton L. Bullock, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Students can transfer from community colleges to a four year college or vice versa. People also transfer when they already have degrees, so transferring to different colleges is very common.  Over...

ARC students will be able to have more guests attend their ceremonies with new graduation format. (Photo by Heather Amberson)

ARC to host two graduation ceremonies for the first time

Chris Johnson, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

For the first time in the school’s history, American River College is extending its commencement ceremony to a two-day event that will allow students to increase the amount of guests they have present...

Naruto Uzumaki, from the anime “Naruto,” is ready to take on the adventure. (Photo courtesy of Studio Pierrot)

Five shows to get started in anime

Clifton L. Bullock, Staff Writer May 9, 2024

What is anime you may ask? According to the Nashville Film Institute, which is a platform that informs readers of the history of anime and how it came about, “Anime is a Japanese animation style. It...

On April 22, 2024 the Sacramento Sheriff’s department and Los Rios Police department responded to a report of a deceased individual at the coroner of Myrtle Avenue and College Oak Drive. (Photo by Lorraine Barron)

Deceased individual reported at Myrtle West parking lot

Lorraine Barron, Managing Editor May 9, 2024

A deceased individual was discovered and reported near American River College, during the evening hours of April 22, according to Kaitlyn Collignon, ARC’s public information officer.  The incident...

The next study abroad semester takes place in London, with the trip taking place from Sept. 5 to Dec. 6. (Photo by Joseph Bianchini)

LRCCD to offer study abroad program

Joseph Bianchini, Opinion Editor May 7, 2024

The Los Rios Community College District offers a study abroad program, where students can knock out some credits while experiencing a different culture across the Atlantic Ocean. “Whatever makes you...

As students go about selecting their classes through eServices, they have the option of selecting classes that are fully in-person, meet through zoom, asynchronous or a hybrid class that combines multiple formats. (Photo Illustration by Joseph Bianchini)

ARC should provide more consistency across class formats

The Current Staff May 6, 2024

What makes the community college route appealing for students is the flexibility it provides in terms of one’s schedule. However, the scheduling inconsistency from class to class makes a student’s...

A handful of sports are on the rise, with some being relatively new and other being variations of already popular sports. (Photo courtesy of vectorpocket on Freepik)

The top five sports on the rise in American households

Joseph Bianchini, Opinion Editor May 3, 2024

For a long time, the sports landscape in the U.S. has been run by the NFL, NBA and MLB. Those three leagues, and their collegiate counterparts, have consistently dominated the television ratings. However,...

Paula Ackman, a volunteer from Lend A Heart, with therapy dog Cosmo on February 28, 2024 in the Student Center at American River College. (Photo by Chris Johnson)

ARC to host therapy dog event for students during stressful time period

Chris Johnson, Staff Writer April 27, 2024

As exam season approaches, students may find themselves overcome with stress and anxiety. According to TimelyCare, a website that focuses on improving the mental health of students, research suggests that...

The new STEM building shines bright on the American River College campus on April 12, 2024. STEM majors will be among the programs impacted by AB 1705, according to the Student Senate. (Photo by Shy Bell)

Student Senate discusses resolution to combat state law

Shy Bell, A&C Editor April 18, 2024

Although many topics were discussed at the American River College Student Senate meeting on April 12, a main point of concern was the implementation of AB 1705, a bill that could create academic problems...

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