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American River College’s Meditation Room provides a clean, quiet place for students to use. (Photo by Shy Bell)

ARC offers space for people to be alone

Shy Bell, A&C Editor May 18, 2024

With the busyness of college life, especially as the semester dwindles to a close, students can find themselves lacking a place of reprieve on campus. Although places like the library and Learning Resource...

A quarter inside a tire tread is one way to check wear. (Photo illustration by Jose Leon)

Prepare for summer: Top five car issues and how to fix them

Jose Leon, Staff Writer May 16, 2024

Traversing Sacramento roads in the heat of summer is a cruel punishment that every local driver must go through, and what could make this situation even worse is dealing with car issues. Stuck on the side...

ARC students will be able to have more guests attend their ceremonies with new graduation format. (Photo by Heather Amberson)

ARC to host two graduation ceremonies for the first time

Chris Johnson, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

For the first time in the school’s history, American River College is extending its commencement ceremony to a two-day event that will allow students to increase the amount of guests they have present...

ARC music students form “Analogue Banana”

Will Forseth, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

Five music majors at American River College have come together to form a new band named “Analogue Banana.” On April 5, the band met in the ARC recording studio to record their first single “Runaway,”...

Naruto Uzumaki, from the anime “Naruto,” is ready to take on the adventure. (Photo courtesy of Studio Pierrot)

Five shows to get started in anime

Clifton L. Bullock, Staff Writer May 9, 2024

What is anime you may ask? According to the Nashville Film Institute, which is a platform that informs readers of the history of anime and how it came about, “Anime is a Japanese animation style. It...

The next study abroad semester takes place in London, with the trip taking place from Sept. 5 to Dec. 6. (Photo by Joseph Bianchini)

LRCCD to offer study abroad program

Joseph Bianchini, Opinion Editor May 7, 2024

The Los Rios Community College District offers a study abroad program, where students can knock out some credits while experiencing a different culture across the Atlantic Ocean. “Whatever makes you...

A handful of sports are on the rise, with some being relatively new and other being variations of already popular sports. (Photo courtesy of vectorpocket on Freepik)

The top five sports on the rise in American households

Joseph Bianchini, Opinion Editor May 3, 2024

For a long time, the sports landscape in the U.S. has been run by the NFL, NBA and MLB. Those three leagues, and their collegiate counterparts, have consistently dominated the television ratings. However,...

Paula Ackman, a volunteer from Lend A Heart, with therapy dog Cosmo on February 28, 2024 in the Student Center at American River College. (Photo by Chris Johnson)

ARC to host therapy dog event for students during stressful time period

Chris Johnson, Staff Writer April 27, 2024

As exam season approaches, students may find themselves overcome with stress and anxiety. According to TimelyCare, a website that focuses on improving the mental health of students, research suggests that...

This summer, 24 European countries will take part in the European Championship soccer tournament. (Photo Illustration by Elisha Chandra)

Euros 2024 soccer preview

Elisha Chandra, Staff Writer April 23, 2024

Every four years there is a particular event that the entirety of Europe gets excited for. An event that causes the continent to come to a stop and bring all its attention to one specific place. The European...

With states around the country passing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, Sacramento and ARC offer a beacon of hope in the form of representation and acceptance. (Photo Illustration by William Forseth)

ARC welcomes queer and trans students

Will Forseth, Staff Writer April 18, 2024

On March 26, the Sacramento City Council took an extra step to protect the rights of queer and trans-identifying individuals in the region by voting to declare Sacramento a sanctuary city for transgender...

Liz Geisser, student support assistant for the Pride Center, shows off a prom dress on April 5, 2024 that was accumulated through the Pride Center’s clothing drive. (Photo by Shy Bell)

ARC offers second chance for students to experience prom

Shy Bell, A&C Editor April 12, 2024

For some students, prom is a blissful and magical experience—a key occurrence in their coming of age. For other students, who did not fit into the societal norm, prom often represented rejection, contempt...

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