Volleyball loses third playoff game against Feather River College


The ARC volleyball team after winning round two of the playoffs on Saturday. They then lost the third round on Tuesday.

Ashlynn Johnson and Ashlynn Johnson

The American River College volleyball team lost round three of the playoffs against Feather River College Tuesday night.

The team traveled to FRC and lost all three games with scores of 25-20, 26-24, and 25-16.

“I think the girls were pretty nervous going against Feather River,” said head coach Ashlie Hain.

Hain thinks the traveling to Quincy, which is in Plumas County, had something to do with their loss.

“I think the girls were just outside their comfort zone,” she added.

Volleyball team captain Taylor Bunger said that she felt like the team did not play well together during the game.

“We just kind of fell apart as a team, our natural playing together wasn’t there,” she said.

Hain said that a lot of the problems during the game had to do with controlling the ball.

“We just couldn’t control the ball on our side, it was frustrating,” Hain said, “it was just a poor performance and we weren’t resilient enough to push through the bad plays.”

Bunger felt that the team wasn’t able to control the game and that is why they lost.

“We just made a lot of errors we (normally) don’t make and I think it was because of nerves and how important the game was,” said Bunger.

Despite their loss, Hain believes that the team performed well over the season.

“The girls were a little disappointed with their performance … (but) it was a good season.”