State college association to allow spring 2020 students to annul season and gain eligibility back

CCCAA has yet to decide whether the spring of 2020 will be online, but have made the decision to allow students to add an additional semester of sports to their academic career


Los Rios Community College Spring 2020 athletes have been granted extended eligibility for their semester of school, and fall students will hear shortly whether the LRCCD will grant eligibility for their semester as well. (Photo by Dylan Lillie)

It’s been over six months since the California Community College Athletic Association canceled the seasons for spring 2020 sports. Now, nearly halfway through the fall 2020 semester, this previous cancelation still in effect with no scheduled sports practices or games taking place on campus. 

The American River College Athletics staff has not posted any updates regarding when the cancelation will conclude. The last headline posted on its website dates back to March.  

This message placed in the sports section of the ARC website shows how sports will be canceled and that the future of sports will be evaluated in the coming months. They also stated athletes that had not quit or been cut by their team going into their spring season will have their season restored. 

The message also notified athletes of a ban on recruiting, specifically meetings that happen face-to-face as well as any traveling that athletes may do to visit their recruitment interests, according to the CCCAA. The message implied that the CCCAA is applying many of the restrictions set out by other level collegiate associations, or at least putting out similar restrictions. 

These cancellations and restrictions caused the Los Rios Community College District to adjust its eligibility requirements to allow student-athletes to annul their season and play it when athletics continues. Gabe Ross, LRCCD associate vice chancellor, wrote in an email that the CCCAA is working on a final decision.

Spring 2020 athletes were able to retain their year of eligibility,” Ross wrote. “The California Community College Athletics Association, which is the governing body that sets rules for our student-athletes, has not made a decision on the eligibility of our 2020/2021 athletes yet.”  

This extra semester of eligibility would allow students like David O’Looney, a forward on the men’s basketball team, to play more competitive matches. 

“I would take advantage of every opportunity to increase my skills by playing more games at the collegiate level,” O’Looney explained.

Ross said that it’s possible to have a decision by November regarding whether fall athletes will retain their eligibility. As for the spring semester, a decision hasn’t been made yet on whether sports will be allowed, he said.

“The Los Rios colleges recently announced that we expect the Spring will again be fully online,” Ross explained. “The CCCAA is responsible for making the statewide determination regarding the return of competition, and if/when they clear our teams to begin competition, we will work with county and regional public health experts to determine a plan of action.”