ARC heads to playoffs after big win versus Sierra College


American River College guard, Kareem Clark, defends another player against the Sierra College basketball team on Feb 28, at American River College. (Photo by Breawna Maynard)

Breawna Maynard

The American River College men’s basketball team finished off its regular season, heading into the playoffs after a win with a score of 95-91 against Sierra College on Feb. 22.

Both teams played a close game, holding a score that was only two to four points apart throughout the first two quarters. During the third quarter, ARC and Sierra were tied 89-89 and Kareem Clark, guard, took the lead during a crucial second half, helping the Beavers over Sierra.

It is Clark’s last season playing at ARC; after the game he said he hopes to do well in the playoffs.

“I think with the talent our team has, we can go all the way to the state finals (as) long as we stick together as a team,” Clark said.

The team struggled with a lot of turnovers throughout the game and also struggled with the defense, but as the game went on the team maintained its stability and drive to win the game.

LJ Smith, guard, said he expected ARC to come out with a win despite the turnovers.

“Towards the end of the game, we started to get more comfortable and started to execute the offense which helped us be more successful at the end of the day,” Smith said.

Smith says he believes the Beavers are capable of making it to the playoffs but knows they have to come prepared.

Head coach Mark Giorgi spoke about how he expected the Beavers to play more as a team but they did just enough to win, which is acceptable.

“We finished the game out, we had a lead in the end and made a lot of our free throw shots,” Giorgi said. “The team started off really well but then we had a bad stretch, but I think we did a really good job closing the game out.”

Beavers had their first playoff game against Merritt College at ARC Feb. 28.

Before the Beavers’ first playoff game, Giorgi spoke about how he expects the team to play in the playoffs.

“We match up well with Merritt College so I am sure we will come out with a win,” Giorgi said. “Next, we play a number three team in the north, which means they’re obviously really good but I am more worried about making the first rounds of playoffs.”

The Beavers won their first rounds of playoffs against Merritt College with a score of 79-69 Feb. 27.

The team played its second round playoff game against Gavilan College March 2 and lost with a score of 78-69.