American River College loses 24-14 against San Mateo Junior College

Third loss of the season for ARC against the #2 ranked opponent in California


American River College’s football team loses 24-14 against San Mateo Junior College on Sept. 24 at ARC. (Photo by Carla Montaruli)

On Sept. 24, the American River College football team lost its game 24-14 against San Mateo Junior College at the Beavers stadium.

“Certainly, I don’t feel great, I think this is an entire football organization that needs to continue to try to progress and evolve,” said Jon Osterhout, ARC’s head coach. 

During the first half of the game, the ARC offensive line had several difficulties.

By the end of the game, ARC had 372 yards of total offense against CSM’s 282 yards.. 

Although ARC dominated offensively, the team gave up seven critical turnovers, which brought the Bulldogs the win. 

“At the end of the day that was the difference maker and us being in the position of winning the football game,” Osterhout said.

ARC’s defense let the opponent score 17 points and CSM returned a punt for a touchdown, making it 24-0 at the end of the first half. 

The team also allowed 1.9 yards on average rushing for CSM and had two passing touchdowns. 

During the second half, the players came back stronger, not allowing CSM to score anymore. The team managed to complete two offensive actions and score two rushing touchdowns. 

The first one was a quarterback sneak by Kenneth Lueth. While the second was a run by Toure Hendrick and the team went for two, throwing a completed pass to Ian Simpson.  

At this point, the score was 24-14, the Beavers didn’t recover their onside kick. The defense got a quick stop but it wasn’t enough, since time ran out. 

At this point in the season, the ARC football team has one win and three losses, but there is still time in the season to turn it around. 

According to Osterhout, the team is working, and now even harder, to refine different aspects of its game. 

“The thing that I and my team are really proud of is that the football team is continuing to play football all the way until the end,” Osterhout said. “Playing the game in the right way, continuing to fight until the clock hits 0.”

The team will next play Modesto Junior College on Oct. 1, at the Beavers stadium.