Muralist and feminist presents at College Hour


Juana Alicia delivers her presentation at American River College (Photo by James Saling)

Cierra Quintana

Muralist and painter Juana Alicia gave a presentation of her work and her role as a women’s rights activist at American River College on Sept. 8 in Raef Hall as part of the College Hour series.

Alicia mentioned that her passion for art and activism came to her suddenly.

“There are two alarm clocks,” Alicia said. “One that wakes you up, and then the one that hits you when you know what your life is going to be about.”

She talked about how she firmly believed in liberation education.

“We’re divided against ourselves, it’s a redundant process. With liberation education, teachers allow themselves to be the students and let the students become the teachers.”

Juana Alicia also mentioned it’s her responsibility to be an activist and a painter, to share with the world that women do have a place.

“Living in this world, I’ve witnessed all violence around gender,” said Alicia.  “The hatred of the feminine.”

There are many programs where young artists can be a part of the Sacramento area.

Alicia mentioned that “Philadelphia has an amazing program.” You can get started just by volunteering at your local art station.” “

She recommended as “an excellent website for young artists.”