American River College Pride Center presents the 2020 Lavender Art Show


Ryan Sunzeri’s artwork hangs in the Pride Center at American River College after winning last year’s Lavender Art Show. The Lavender Art Show highlights art from ARC’s LGBTQ+ students and faculty and will be held on Feb. 24-26 in the Student Center. (Photo by Oden Taylor)

Oden Taylor

The Lavender Art Show, put on by the American River College Pride Center, will take place in the Student Center Feb. 24-26. A reception is scheduled for the last day from 12-2 p.m. to announce the winners as well as allow for students to come and speak with the artists about their pieces.

The Lavender Art Show is centered around showcasing artwork from ARC’s LGBTQ+ community. Ryan Sunzeri, last year’s LAS winner and this year’s event organizer, says the goal of this show is to bring more visibility to LGBTQ+ experiences and perspectives. 

“Visibility is important for any minority community because by definition minority communities are small and this small size makes it difficult for their unique knowledge to be heard or well understood by society as a whole,” Sunzeri says.

The show will feature the work of students with “varying identities and unique experiences,” which Sunzeri says he hopes will introduce the audience to a rainbow of new perspectives. 

The art submitted is mainly focused on the nuances of the LGBTQ+ community, however, it will also feature any art created by LGBTQ+ students that pass the submission process, according to Sunzeri.

Many different forms of art can be submitted to the show including 3D art, photography   paintings, drawings and jewelry.

Work can be submitted to the James Kaneko Gallery and submission forms with dates (TK) and details about the show can be found there.  

For more information contact Sunzeri at [email protected] and follow the pride center on social media (Instagram: arcpridecenter, Facebook: thearcpridecenter).