Soles of Hip-Hop workshop explores fashion and music


The workshop in Raef Hall will talk about the intersection of hip-hop and sneaker culture. (Photo by Anthony Barnes)

Anthony Barnes

Have you ever wondered why people stand in long lines for hours just for a chance to get the latest pair of shoes?

Have you ever noticed the look of anguish on a student’s face when they realize that they scuffed their $200 pair of shoes?

Student Life Supervisor Brett Sawyer will lead Soles of Hip-Hop, a workshop that will delve into the world of sneaker culture on Thursday.

The workshop will explore the connection between hip-hop and sneaker cultures, as well as some of the stereotypes that are associated with those who participate. There will also be a panel of both students and staff members.

Sawyer spoke about what he hoped attendees would get out of the workshop.

“The first part focuses on identities through sneakers,” Sawyer said. “How two people that may come from different backgrounds, don’t look alike, don’t speak the same language, still have a commonality and that is their love for sneakers.”

The program will also touch on how being involved in sneaker culture can lead to opportunities in the future.

“We’re going to get into the avenues career-wise students can get into,” Sawyer said. “Either designing [sneakers], customizing and selling them, whatever it may be.”

Whether you have hundreds of pairs of shoes in your closet or wear the same pair every day, all students are encouraged to attend.

The Soles of Hip-Hop workshop takes place at Raef Hall Room 160 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m.