Letter to the Editor: ARC President Thomas Greene responds to Current editorial


On Wednesday, the AR Current posted an editorial criticizing the college’s response to the
recent incident involving a hurtful flyer posted in the HUB. The concerns expressed in the
editorial, and the criticisms of my and our handling of this situation, were valid.

I sincerely apologize that this flyer was ever posted, and that our response wasn’t as direct or
unequivocal as it should have been. We made mistakes, and the fact that the intentions of those involved were positive does not negate the hurt and pain caused by this incident. The college has a responsibility to address – and we are addressing – this issue, and we have already begun working with Los Rios Community College District staff to investigate the circumstances that led to the posting of the flyer. The goal of the investigation is simple: to do everything possible to ensure this type of incident doesn’t happen again.

My promise to the students, faculty and staff of American River College is that I and we will
continue to learn from this moving forward so that our everyday actions directly reflect our
commitment to social justice and equity.

Thomas G. Greene
President, American River College