Letter to the Editor: Reply to “New Wi-Fi certificates, same old complaints”


American River College is aware that our wireless networks have often been less than optimal and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by technology limitations. We have been working consistently over the past few years to upgrade our systems and will continue to do so. We know how important wireless access is to our campus community.

To follow up on a few specific examples cited in the editorial:

We have increased the number of Wireless Radios in Davies Hall to accommodate people

wanting access to wireless in the hallways outside of the classrooms.

We will check out the connections in the portables to make sure they are working. We

appreciate it when these kinds of challenges are reported so we can check them out. Anyone

can report wireless issues to [email protected]

Certificates are an ongoing issue and have been for some time. Those with older equipment

have to set up a manual connection. The Student Technology Center in the LRC helps over 200

students a month with the majority of the work helping students gain access to Wi-Fi.

Over the past year or two, we have made some improvements to our systems that perhaps haven’t been noticed by our community. We will work to do a better job of communicating about wireless to the campus. One of the challenges in communicating wireless connection tips is constant IOS and Android upgrades. A wireless tip that is good one month is outdated a month later.

The editorial rightly pointed out that some steps people need to take are for the security of their own information and identity.

If you have any issues, please use the Student Technology Center as a resource for help.


Jeff Bucher

ARC IT Supervisor