Letter to the editor: Reply to ‘Q&A with a German Survivor of World War II’ from Ingrid Radke-Azvedo


Dear Mr. [Luis Gael] Jimenez,

I would like to thank you very much for the outstanding coverage you gave me in the Feature coverage of the “The Current” newspaper.  When we met for our interview it seemed like we were being rushed a bit to make the planned Agenda and I wasn’t sure that you got anything suitable from me – but you are an excellent journalist; you made me feel at ease and got just what you wanted.  Thank you for your fair and generous article.

From my past experience in the field of Politics I learned to open – and read – the reported stories very carefully and sometimes was not very pleased. You really heard me and conveyed what I said.  I thank you for that, my interest is the future of our great young people and I go when I am invited no matter which grade level. I love my adopted country and have tremendous hope for our young generation.  What is it that they call it? It’s payback time for me.

I have a busy schedule shaping up for the coming year and  look forward with anticipation, judging by some of the letters I have received from Middle and High school students in the past, I believe they are listening to me.

Again thank you very much for your courtesy, wishing you a Happy Holiday Season.

Ingrid Azvedo


I was not acquainted with the young man but allow me to send my condolences in the unexpected passing of Nathan Bauer.