Letter to the editor: Media should inform and educate


I am a current student at American River college and a friend of Jeremy Diefenbacher’s. I am disappointed in the content of the article involving him in today’s issue. This sensationalist article was framed in a way that was malicious. It showed nothing but allegations for wrongs that have not hurt any one in the slightest.

Articles I like?

Ones that showcase our schools’ issues.

Persistently update fellow students on student performances involving music, dance, food, etc.


Ones that are fact checked first and don’t rely on a corrections list.

Please know I respect the job of the media. You are the watchdogs making sure the public is aware of any bureaucratic wrongs involving policy and how it is being enforced.

I would hope that though the media today focuses only on what bleeds, you can aspire to write to inform and educate the general public on things they can change and get involved in.

Slamming my friend does not accomplish this.

Thank you,

Charlie Charm