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    Brad C.May 4, 2016 at 2:24 pm

    While this article is well-intentioned, I don’t think the incoming ASB can be held completely responsible for the current apathy and antipathy of student government. There are several institutional factors at play that are frankly, beyond the control of the board.

    1. Students don’t really have many compelling reasons to participate. We see these ASB boards, ads, and events, but our opportunity cost for participation is low, unless we are looking to jump-start a political career. The only participation exception is when something useful needs to be on the ballot or the student population needs to react.

    2. Students lack the time to participate, as college life and culture becomes increasingly optimised towards capitalist goals. Who has time to go to ASB meetings with a busy schedule? Can I participate remotely? Can I look at transcripts? Why not?

    4. The newspaper is regularly intent on trashing candidates for things like petty drama, bureaucracy nitpicks, and cannabis use, while ignoring larger story opportunities. The last paper literally used language from the early days of prohibition: “reefer,” “booze.” Enough, already.

    The ASB does need to be more useful, but these constraints limit what can be done to that which people already agree on.

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