Letter to the editor: Political cartoon parody is inaccurate


To the Editor:

“Weaver, Jones, Hylton and Nicholson not only are incapable of differentiating between a fact and an incorrect belief — they have no real interest in doing so.”

I’d say that’s a little presumptuous.

Did you ask us whether we had an interest in doing so?  Oh, no, wait – I guess it wouldn’t make any difference if we are incapable of doing so, anyway.

Never mind that the must-see event was so inadequately advertised that only 40 students attended, as opposed to the over 100 (including me) who attended Duncan-Andrade because it was adequately enough advertised and announced at Student Senate meetings. And the Can We Ever Co-Exist Brave Space:  Challenging and Deconstructing Religious Stereotypes.  Me, again.

I can now claim my 15 minutes of fame because I have been (incorrectly) parodied in a political cartoon.  So thank you for that.  That’s definitely going in the family scrapbook, emails, social media, probably my epitaph (hopefully not too soon).

I suggest that this Spring Semester 2016 we bring back the or at least a Holocaust speaker and this time advertise it at least as well as the UNITE speaker.  We could also see whether any of you attend outside of your reporter role(s).

As I said, Trustee Weaver is not a social friend of mine in terms of extracurricular activities.  I did look at his statements with a higher level of scrutiny because I did know him.

My understanding of Trustee Weaver’s original question to his journalism professor in private on his first day of class was just that – how to research to ascertain or support the correct facts on a politically sensitive issue.  I don’t recall that he received any answer or assistance.

In some countries it is illegal to even discuss the Holocaust.  My definition of anti-Semitism does not include asking this question.

Laurie Jones,
ASB Student Senate Director of Legislative Affairs