Letter to the editor: Threat suspect convicted by the press

Former American River College student Kristofer Clark, 21, was booked into the Sacramento County Jail on Oct. 8 after allegedly making a threat against the college's main campus, according to police. (Photo courtesy of the Los Rios Police Department)

I think it might be nice if Kristofer Clark’s personal life and how its been turned upside down should be thought about also. He’s been accused very publicly and convicted by the tone that the press – especially The Current and statements made by the college. The entire incident could have been handled with a lot more thought. He has been released. Charges were not brought. What about the after effects on him and his family? I am alumni of ARC. This just makes me sad and confused.

Nancy Dougles, ARC alumna

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  1. Caden Vande Streek | October 19, 2015 at 10:48 am | Reply

    Yeah, please guys, lets talk about each others feelings okay?

    Christ some people are dumb….

  2. I too think his life has been turned upside down and they should change this publicly and then focus on the person who made the claim, he has lost one of his jobs over this and there were no charges brought up on him..Please make this right, a innocent young man with a great personality and big heart has been ruined. WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR SISTER, YOUR BROTHER, YOUR NEPHEW OR NIECE OR JUST GOOD FRIEND???

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