ASB Notebook: Senate purchases Surface Pro 4’s for itself, CAEB plans end-of-year celebration


CAEB President, Justin Nicholson led the conversation with the board about its end-of-year celebration. Nicholson will be returning as CAEB President this fall. (Photo by Sharriyona Platt)

Matthew Peirson

The American River College Student Senate passed a bill for $13,000 to purchase ten laptops for Associated Student Body members at its meeting on April 12, while the Club and Events Board discussed its end-of-the-year celebration at their April 19 meeting.

The laptops, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 model, are supposed to help continue the flow of information from current to future ASB members, which has always been a challenge according to Director of Finance Jeremy Diefenbacher.

Diefenbacher reaffirmed his insistence on passing the bill immediately.

“We need to make a decision,” Diefenbacher said. “Because it’s pretty much get computers now, for the next year, or not.”

The bill had been postponed at previous meeting from lack of information regarding the software included.

“We’re not entirely sure what the bundle of Microsoft software would contain,” CAEB President Justin Nicholson said. “We should not go and throw $13,000 at it until we know exactly the product that we’re getting.”

Another topic discussed was the idea of an end-of-year celebration for all the clubs on campus.

Nicholson said that the celebration was to commemorate the work the clubs have done, and that they will be working with Student Senate.

“This is a tandem event between us and Student Senate so we really want to work together and collaborate, but I want to know what the clubs think since it is just as important to them as it is to us,” Nicholson said.

The schedule for the finals giveaway was decided by Senate at Thursday’s meeting after 15 minutes of discussion.

One of the ways Senate helps students is by giving away supplies for finals.

Members of Senate started handing out scantrons and bluebooks for finals Monday from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. each day and will continue through Thursday.