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Can students afford the transition to online classes?

School normally has the supplies, materials, and technology for a student who normally would not be able to afford, however this changes when all work is shifted online, forcing students to purchase things that normally would not be needed.  (Photo courtesy of pixabay)

Bram Martinez, Arts and Culture Editor

May 11, 2020

American River College shut its doors on March 16, and in the weeks since the switch to online, curriculum has been strenuous for both the teachers and students. The transition hasn’t been smooth because of restrictive store curfews, limited supplies, and an increase in unemployment. This transitio...

ARC Respiratory Care Program donates equipment to community amid ventilator shortage

American River College has donated ventilators  and N-95 masks to University of California, Davis Medical Center, Mercy General Hospital and Kaiser South Sacramento Hospital to help with equipment needs during this essential time. (Photo courtesy of ventilator.png)

Clifton Bullock, Staff Writer

April 23, 2020

The COVID-19, or coronavirus, pandemic has challenged the American healthcare system, the American healthcare industry and the American structure of government in ways never seen before. While the states scramble to procure ventilators, medical personnel are fighting to save the lives of citizens whil...

ARC mourns loss of former staff member

Former Vice-President of Administrative Services, Ray Di Guilio (Photo Courtesy of Scott Crow)

Brandon Zamora

March 5, 2020

On Jan. 26, Ray Di Guilio, former Vice President of Administrative Services of American River College, died at the age of 76 after a long battle with cancer, according to his obituary in the Sacramento Bee’s website. Di Guilio served as vice president at ARC from 2011 to 2016. During that time, h...

Violence in media doesn’t perpetuate real life violence

(File photo)

Josh Ghiorso

December 12, 2019

Violence in the media has been a recent topic of discussion with the October release of the “Joker” movie. The worry was specifically if “Joker” will perpetuate mass shootings at theaters, like in the 2012 theater shooting during a screening of “Batman: The Dark Knight Rises”.  However t...

5 movies you forgot were Christmas movies

Refresh your holiday movie rotation with these five forgotten Christmas flicks. (photo courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Jack Harris

December 12, 2019

Tired of watching the same Christmas movies every year? Refresh your holiday-viewing rotation with some of these films that you may have forgotten are Christmas movies.    1. “Gremlins” (John Dante, 1984) - As a last-second Christmas present, Randall Peltzer (played by Hoyt Axton) purchases ...

ASB presents finance report and passes conference bills

Director of Finance Sha Toyia Anderson (left) presented the Finance Report for the Associated Student Body's fall 2019 semester to the rest of the ASB Student Senate on Dec. 6, 2019. (Photo by Jack Harris)

Jack Harris

December 12, 2019

The American River College Associated Student Body passed a number of bills funding conferences at the Dec. 6 Student Senate meeting. Director of Finance Sha Toyia Anderson presented the ASB Finance Report for the fall 2019 semester. Anderson’s report outlined spending goals and concerns for ASB...

Executive Leadership Team presented Education Master Plan to Student Senate

Associate Vice President of Workforce Development Frank Kobayashi, American River College student Joshua Harris and District Academic Senate President Gary Aguilar (from left to right) presented ARC’s new Educational Master Plan at the Associated Student Body Senate meeting on Nov. 22, 2019. (Photo by Brandon Zamora)

Jack Harris

December 6, 2019

Members of the American River College Executive Leadership Team (ELT) presented the college’s new Educational Master Plan at the Associated Student Body Student Senate meeting on Nov. 22.  During the meeting, ASB also passed bills to pay for ASB-related parking, and to send students and faculty...

ARC Orchestra to perform with hip-hop ensemble

Ensemble Mik Nawooj will be performing with the American River College Orchestra at ARC on Dec. 4, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Pat Mazzera)

Jack Harris

December 3, 2019

The American River College Orchestra will perform with the hip-hop ensemble Mik Nawooj on Dec. 4. The name of the ensemble comes from the leader’s name, JooWan Kim, according to Kate Wells, second violin in the ARC Orchestra.  Wells, who has rehearsed with Mik Nawooj multiple times, said that the ensemb...

ESL professors fight for new placement tool

American River College ESL professors (from left to right) Sanda Valcu, Allyson Joye, Oranit Limmaneeprasert and Caterina Falli asked for a new tool to help place ESL students in the correct english classes at the the Board of Governors meeting on Nov. 18. The current placement took expires in 2020. (Photo by Jack Harris)

Jack Harris

November 21, 2019

“Most of our students are immigrants and refugees who have gone through hell to get here, and I think the least they can have is some kind of accurate placement, so that they can be successful.”  That’s what Oranit Limmaneeprasert had to say at the Los Rios Community College Board of Trustees meeting...

Women’s roles in Afghanistan peace talk are minimal

Psychology major Fatimah Ahmadi is an Afghan student at American River College. Ahmadi says she wants the role of Afghan women in Afghanistan to be in the public sphere. (Photo by Hameed Zargry)

Hameed Zargry

May 9, 2019

On Sept. 21, Secretary of State Michael Richard Pompeo appointed United States diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad as the Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation. Since then, Khalilzad met the Taliban several times in Qatar to discuss the end of America’s and Afghanistan’s 17-year long war. One of the mo...

Journalism is part of the answer, not the problem

Ariel Casper keeps up with what’s happening on campus, reading news that affect students, faculty and staff. (Photo illustration by Katia Esguerra)

Katia Esguerra

March 19, 2019

From the moment we wake up, we are faced with an overload of information competing for our attention — every second, every minute and every hour of the day. However, with the ease of access on the internet and overload of information, I have to constantly remind myself that this is a distraction; a...

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