Finding the truth online can be hard, here’s a place to start

Finding reliable news isn’t always easy, here’s a small list of news sites that are trustworthy


Figuring out where to look to get your news can be really confusing, but when you find your reliable news source that you know is trustworthy you’ll know you’ll get the right information on a daily basis. (Photo Illustration by Brandon Zamora)

On Nov. 7, a winner was finally announced for the 2020 Presidential Election when it was announced that former Vice President Joe Biden had been officially elected President of the United States.

Both during and after the election however, there’ve been so many conflicting reports on election results, what states Biden and Donald Trump won at what time. Trump keeps insisting, even after the election results came in, that voter fraud had taken place during this election.

It can be really hard to find news sites that are not only trustworthy, but show little to no bias in their reporting as well. However, if you can find one that has that balance that’s just good enough, you can still find the right information you’re looking for.

At one point or another the last few years, we’ve all heard the term “fake news” being thrown around by people, especially by Trump. While that term is overused, there is a point to be made that it can be hard to find reliable news sources.

It’s always important to do research on the sources you get your news information so you’ll be sure you’re getting all the facts in our world today. Here is a small list of reliable news sources that’ll give you the truthful information on current events:

1) The Associated Press

One news source that has been found to be very reliable over the years is the Associated Press. The Associated Press is a non-profit news site that serves as a voice for independent journalists all around the world. During the election, the Associated Press provided the quickest and most accurate results on who won what states and at time. Even as I was scrolling through different news stations on election night, most news stations were getting their election results from the Associated Press. Compared to most sources, the Associated Press are the least biased according to a website called, which is a site that checks the reliability of different news sites and grades them on their fact checking and their political bias.

2) The New York Times

Another reliable news source people could get their news updates from is the New York Times. While they do have a little bit of a liberal bias in their opinions, it’s not big enough where their views are considered extreme and their news articles are very trustworthy when it comes to fact checking. If there is a major breaking news story happening on a national level, the New York Times is without a doubt a news site I would look at to get the information on the event.

3) The Washington Post

The Washington Post is another good source to get news and other information from. While they show more bias to the left side of the political spectrum than the Associated Press and New York Times, they do post reliable articles with reasonable fact checking. It’s recommended to look at the news from the New York Times and Associated Press first, but getting your news from the Washington Post isn’t a bad choice either. They will still report on what’s going on in the world, but they will have that bias for the left in their writing.

4) KCRA 3/ Local News

Sometimes it’s better to just get your news from your local station. For Sacramento, the local news station is KCRA 3 and it’s a very reliable source to get your news information from. While the other news outlets on this list mainly cover national and international news, finding out what’s going on in our own community is just as important. They have a little to no bias ratio according to and they’re known to “use very few loaded words,” meaning their reporting isn’t meant to persuade the audience to have a particular emotion towards any news story but just give the facts and that’s it. That’s a big deal because that’s something news outlets should focus on more; report on the facts and what’s going on without persuading your audience to lean one way or another unless you’re writing an opinion article.