LRCCD continues to offer free parking for the spring semester

Students will still need to follow all parking rules


Jaque Ruval

The Los Rios Community College District continues to offer free parking in the spring semester of 2022, as campus facilities and services become available, giving students the opportunity to access on-campus resources. (Photo by Jaqueline Ruvalcaba)

The Los Rios Community College District will continue to offer free parking at all LRCCD colleges during the spring 2022 semester. Students will not need a parking permit to access on-campus resources.

Scott Crow, American River College’s public information officer, said students won’t be penalized for a lack of a parking permit. 

“Los Rios will not be selling semester or daily parking permits,” Crow said in an email to the Current. “This means you will not be ticketed for a lack of…permit during this semester.”

According to Crow, this will apply to all parking areas. However, students should continue to follow all parking rules, including appropriate use of handicapped spots and keeping fire and loading zones clear.

“Violations of these rules could result in a ticket,” Crow said.

The LRCCD began offering free parking during the fall 2021 semester, as a small number of classes and in-person services moved back on ground after the COVID-19 pandemic forced everything to move online. 

With an expanded number of classes and in-person services returning to campus, the option for free parking gives students who need it the opportunity to access campus facilities.

Crow says the district has not decided what the policy will be after the spring semester. The LRCCD will continue to communicate updates as new information becomes available.