ASB discusses Beaver Cares for ARC students

ASB also discusses how students can be prepared for the spring 2022 semester


On Nov. 19, the Associated Student Boday ay American River College discussed how Beaver Cares can help lower income students during the holidays, in the fall semester of 2021. Beaver Cares provides cookware and classes to better a student’s holiday season. (Screenshot via ARC’s ASB Meeting)

The Associated Student Body of American River College discussed spring 2022 semester information as well as how to improve student well-being with the holidays approaching during its Nov. 19 meeting.

ASB President Stacy Burrows opened the meeting by reminding the ASB members that enrollment for the spring semester starts on Nov. 22. Burrows said that students should be checking their emails for notification of where to sign-up for next semester.

ASB Supervisor Brett Sawyer added that the Student Learning Center could still be closed for the spring semester. Sawyer said that the Lio Rios Community College District is looking to set up a system to allow students to upload photos for student ID cards with the SLC being closed.

“I’m unsure about the reopening of the SLC,” Sawyer said. “But the campus will be open Monday through Thursday for students who have front office questions.”

Next, the ASB members directed their focus to Beaver Cares. 

Valerie Adger, the student support supervisor for Beaver Cares, held a presentation to talk about how Beaver Cares works to provide aid to low-income students at ARC. 

“It is our job to support students through whatever hardships they might be facing. We are hoping to promote all of these programs so all students can have access to the help offered by ARC,” Adger said. 

Adger says that Beaver Cares has a food pantry that can provide non-perishable foods as well as utensils, crockpots, and other cooking materials to students. The food pantry also offers classes and workshops on teaching good food spending and cooking habits.

“We are focusing on getting non-perishable foods to less fortunate families,” Adger said. “We also have classes available on campus to teach good food spending habits that are done in the demo kitchen at ARC.”

According to Adger, Beaver Cares has been overlooked by most students, and they are looking to actively promote their services to all students.

“We want to have a fun and a family atmosphere. Come talk to us and learn about what we do. We want students to know what we do and have the word spread all over the campus,” Adger said. 

For more information about ASB or any of their upcoming meetings, visit the ASB student government website here.