ASB encourages mindfulness as midterms approach

Agenda items included students not being notified of upcoming events and preparing for upcoming midterms


Midterms can be stressful for students. Associated Student Body members at American River College want to make sure students are not stressing themselves out too much, in the fall semester of 2021. (Photo via Unsplash)

The Associated Student Body of American River College discussed students not being notified of upcoming events as well as effective ways to maintain stress for the upcoming midterm exams during its Oct. 1 meeting

ASB President Stacy Burrows opened the discussion by talking about how students have not been able to learn about notifications from the Los Rios Community College District or any events or updates happening on the campus. Burrows pointed out how staff and faculty get notified about events and the students have not. 

“The campus or the LRCCD will organize events and will only send it out to staff and faculty,“ Burrows said. “The students do not receive these updates because the Career Center does not have access to student’s Los Rios emails.”

Burrows added that students are missing out on opportunities and it is up to staff and faculty to communicate with their students. ASB wants to make sure the staff informs students of any workshops, lectures, or events to those who are looking for opportunities to succeed this semester.

Next, the ASB members directed the focus towards their personal experiences this semester in their classes.

Many of the members expressed feelings of stress and having a hard time handling both online learning and everyday life. A presentation led by Burrows talks about the importance of balancing self-care and life as midterm exams are approaching for ARC students. 

“We want to encourage others to take time for themselves before midterms,” Burrows said. “You want to manage your overall inner energy. It’s OK to work throughout the week, but it is better for your sake to set boundaries and give yourself downtime.“

Although this is ARC’s fourth semester of online learning, many students are still having difficulty adjusting to the new learning environment, according to Burrows. ASB is hoping to encourage students to be mindful of their workload.

Burrows suggested that students who are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with their work should try meditation as a way of clearing their heads from their work. 

“Try finding a peaceful setting, deep breathing, go on walks,” Burrows added. “Any way that students can relieve stress and calm your mind will help you for the rest of the semester.”

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