ASB Notebook: Campus safety resolution, Club Day theme decided at recent meetings


CAEB President Justin Nicholson sits in on a recent Student Senate meeting. Nicholson said he is looking forward to planning the March 17 Club Day, which will have a “Super Heroes vs. Super Villains” theme. (Photo by Kyle Elsasser)

Robert Hansen

The resolution for safety prioritization passed unanimously, a Club Day theme was decided, and ASB application packets were made available at recent Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board and Student Senate meetings.

Senate President David Hylton proposed the creation of an on-campus event to replace the canceled March in March event, citing a need for student input.

“Without their input, we’re legislating for ourselves and not our constituents,” Hylton said. “It would be really great to do some outreach and advocacy for our students.”

The Senate had a second reading of a resolution against the proposed RT fare increase and against the elimination of the Paratransit monthly pass.

The Senate will take action on this resolution Thursday.

The RT fare increase would affect students taking three units or less and Sacramento residents who use public transportation.

The fare increase would bring a 20 percent general increase along with additional increases to disabled and student fares.

Applications for Associated Student Body (ASB) candidates, the Student Trustee position and student sages are now available, and the Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) passed a grant and two bills at American River College’s ASB CAEB meeting Tuesday.

ASB application packets have been available since Feb. 23.

Students who are interested in participating in ASB (Student Senate or CAEB) have until March 15 to have a petition with 50 signatures endorsing their candidacy and submit it with their application, according to adviser Juan Miguel Blanco.

Applications are available in the Center for Leadership and Development (CL&D).

Notifying students about these important dates has been challenging, according to Student Senate President David Hylton II.

“That’s been the struggle we’ve been having,” said Hylton. “That’s why I wanted to get the sign fixed.”

CAEB also passed a grant giving $150 to the Sociology Club as well as bills allocating $150 to the Progressive Democrats Club and $300 for the March 17 Club Day.

Both the Sociology Club and Progressive Democrats Club are using the money to support the students who are planning to attend NCORE, a race and equality conference held in San Francisco.

“It’s probably going to cost about $1,500 per student,” said CAEB member Laurie Jones. ”It would just help (to cover the cost).”

Another bill was passed granting the Pre-Pharmacy Club $150 toward promotional ideas and supplies.

Pre-Pharmacy Club secretary Raul Rastaman was present at the meeting to advocate the bill.

“We need the money, I’m happy it was granted,” Rastaman said.

“Super Heroes vs. Super Villains” will be the the theme for the March 17 Club Day.

“We (CAEB) can be the villains and and they (ARC clubs) can be the heroes,” said Sen. Bruce Rand said. “Each club can design a hero and it can be a part of the club contest.”

There was enthusiasm from most board and club members on the decision.

“I’m glad that we finally made a decision, now we can work toward the event,” said CAEB President Justin Nicholson.

CAEB members suggested themes, games, promotional ideas and the club contest for the event.

The clubs in attendance were also asked to design a superhero related to their club in accordance with the theme selection.