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    Ifno PrblmNov 4, 2016 at 5:47 pm

    OK, someone help me with this. Lots of people do ethnic DNA testing now, it’s become somewhat fashionable. Autosomal, mtDNA, and y-DNA tests are available at varying prices depending on the company. Autosomal goes back maybe 500 years tops, mt and y-DNA can trace back a customer’s chromosome’s roots maybe 40,000 years or more depending on the haplogroup and mutations.

    But Native Americans have been proven to be exactly not that, native to the Americas. Be there y-DNA haplogroups Q, A, B, or D, they originate in Eastern Europe, China, and Siberia. They aren’t found to have begun in the New World. At all. Final.

    So why hasn’t our academia been updated with all this new science? Why are we still taught that the Native Americans are native to the Americas? They are simply migrants who beat the rest of European travelers here by milennia or so. Of course, that’s skipping the Solutrean hypothesis, but still if the Solutreans existed they, too, weren’t native.

    And why arent’ there any native American human ethnic groups? Even the Neanderthals were from Europe, not America. This fact itself is worth a dozen courses added to a school’s curriculum.

    I mean, I’d take those classes. In the meantime, what’s insulting to the Indians? Being called Native Americans or immigrants? Really now. That’s like deleting their ACT scores and then saying they never really tested at all. Now that’s real discrimination and ethnic profiling!

    • K

      KentApr 24, 2017 at 10:56 am

      Native Americans are the only race of Americans. They are Native because they have evolved over thousands of years, by DNA mutations, thousands of Different languages, thousands of different cultures, thousands of civilizations. These all happened over tens of thousands of years, not a few thousand. The Native Americans languages, Genetics, and civilizations are all arose in the Americas Autochthoniously, they evolved in The double continents. They are indigenous and Native to America and European Americans are not, they have no respect for the land and animals in America, and have no real ties not respect for anything in it. You are just another jealous yank, who thinks they should be considered Native American. Native Americans have no close genetic ties to Asia , Africa , or Europe. And any other close relatives in Asia died out when the East Asians moved in. Also there was a back migration into Asia from America, that’s why there are Asians and Europeans with Native American genetic markers as seen in Autosomal DNA tests. Every language spoken in America before the European invading hordes came arose in place, and like I said, there is thousands. There is only one American race, and that is the Native American race. For you to post in an article that has nothing to do with what you are espousing , you must really be feeling inferior and jealous of Native Americans and your status as a European immigrant invader colonist, why else would you be posting here to whine ” But Native Americans are immigrants too” ! Quit bitching, because you will never be native to America, and the Native Americans always will!.

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