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    Brad C.Dec 4, 2014 at 9:31 am

    While the comment was deeply upsetting (I voted for Jeremy), Riley–a man who has a history of making unapologetic homophobic statements, including referring to homosexuality as “the complete downfall of our society”–has no place calling for Diefenbacher’s resignation. Slurs are not a political football for him to kick around, especially when he has his own sordid history.

    While I can’t speak for the transgender community, it should be noted that at least Diefenbacher offered an apology–an olive branch Riley to my knowledge has never offered to the greater campus queer community. In his own words, Riley believes the worst he did was throw away papers.

    The man who demonstrates self-awareness and a willingness to learn from his mistakes can grow and improve as a human being. The man who denies his mistakes demonstrates mental pathology.

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