Beaver Bookstore temporarily stops sale of food and beverage items


On Feb. 11, the Beaver Bookstore at American River College stopped the sale of food and beverage items due to a rodent issue. (Photo by Thomas Cathey)

Thomas Cathey

On Tuesday, Feb.11, the Beaver Bookstore at American River College temporarily halted the sale of all food and beverage items as a result of findings during an inspection by the Environmental Management Department (EMD) for Sacramento County.

According to an email statement to the Current, Gabe Ross, Associate Vice Chancellor for the Los Rios Community College District , explained that the food facility at the bookstore was closed because of “small amounts of evidence of rodent infestation” during an inspection by EMD.

In the email, Ross also stated that “this is not uncommon in aging facilities, particularly when the weather is cooler and when there is construction on campus.” 

Ross says that he is working with experts to resolve the issue.

“The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our top priority and therefore we are working with experts to resolve this issue as quickly as possible,” Ross said. “We will also be conducting a review of all existing inventory in the bookstore and remove any food items [that] have been contaminated. Once we are certain that the situation is resolved and the facility is safe for food distribution, the county is to re-inspect the facility to allow us to restart food sales.”

In the meantime, the bookstore will remain open for students to purchase all other items and equipment.