ARC President Melanie Dixon receives racist threats from former student

The district has filed for a temporary restraining order and has increased on-campus security


American River College President Melanie Dixon received racist threats from a former Los Rios Community College District student, according to an email sent on March 10, 2022 by Brian King, the LRCCD chancellor. The district has filed a temporary restraining order and increased security at ARC and for Dixon. (Photo via Pixabay)

On March 10, Brian King, the chancellor of the Los Rios Community College District, revealed in an email that Melanie Dixon, the president of American River College, recently received racist threats from a former LRCCD student. 

“The messages were aggressively vulgar and hateful,” King said in the email. “The messages were deeply, deeply upsetting, both personally and professionally.” 

The district has filed for a temporary restraining order and has increased security, according to the email sent by King. 

We quickly filed for, obtained, and served the individual responsible with the [temporary restraining order], and already have a court date set for a hearing to make the action permanent,” King said. “The order includes protections not just for Melanie, but for the entire ARC and Los Rios community. We have also increased security at ARC and for Melanie personally.” 

King says that this attack affects the whole LRCCD community.  

“I can’t, and won’t, begin to suggest to know how Melanie feels in the face of what she is going through,” King said. “I do, however, understand that an attack on Melanie is an attack on our entire community.”

King says that Dixon will share her perspective when the time is right. 

“In the weeks ahead, at her own pace, she will share her perspective as she sees fit. Her strength has been an inspiration to me, and her commitment to—and faith in—ARC, its students and employees, has never wavered.”

King says that there have been recent incidents of racist graffiti in Sacramento schools and that this is a reminder that racism still exists in the community. 

“There is an extraordinary amount of work to do in our efforts to make Los Rios an anti-racist organization. That work must and will continue to force us to look in the mirror in deeply introspective ways about the role that we all must play in finding a way forward to make everyone in our community feel safe and heard,” King said.

According to King, the LRCCD fully supports Dixon and the African American community. 

“Today, I hope you will all join me in sending love and compassion to Melanie, and our entire African American community, and offering support in every way possible.” 

 This is a developing story that will be updated as more information becomes available.