Riley throws away copies of The Current newspapers in the student center


Photo by Emily K. Rabasto

Melissa Hurtado and Melissa Hurtado

Associated Student Body member Jorge Riley was seen throwing away piles of the school’s student-run newspaper, The Current, at the Student Center Thursday.

The newspaper staff was informed early this morning that Riley was seen gathering copies of the paper by the Starbucks lounge areas in the student center and putting them in the trash.  The papers that were thrown away showcase Riley as the lead story after he was handcuffed and ticketed for public intoxication by campus police on Nov. 6.

When The Current’s Co-Editor-in-Chief Jeff Gonzales arrived at the student center, he described seeing Riley “leaning over a trashcan. He immediately stood up looked at me and said, ‘what are you doing, Jeff?’”

Gonzales responded to Riley’s question with one of his own, “why are you throwing away my paper?”

Riley proceeded to ask Gonzales another question, “why are you slandering me all over campus?”

According to “The Right to Know: A Guide to Public Access and Media Law,” California Penal Code Section 490.7 “prohibits a person from taking more than 25 copies of the current issue of a free or complimentary newspaper if done with the intent to: recycle for cash or other payment; sell or barter the newspapers; deprive others of the ability to read or enjoy the newspaper; or harm a business competitor.”

One student who witnessed the incident decided to remain anonymous but said that she saw Riley “come up to the little desk that was besides (her), grab all the newspapers, and I just saw him grab a bunch.”

After a brief confrontational conversation between the men, Riley walked into the Center for Leadership and Development and declined any further comments.

Several students who were waiting in line at Starbucks said they did see a man wearing a blue shirt picking up papers and tossing them into different trashcans throughout the student center.

Copies of The Current were found in two different trashcans when Gonzales arrived.

Riley has had an eventful week after being denied the ability to run on the ballot for the special election and being handcuffed and ticketed for public intoxication on campus.

The Current’s adviser, Walter Hammerwold declined to comment on the situation.

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Dozens of copies of “The Current” sit in a trashcan after ASB representative Jorge Riley threw them away.
Dozens of copies of “The Current” sit in a trashcan after ASB representative Jorge Riley threw them away. Photo by Emily K. Rabasto