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    Andy J.Oct 10, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    This shit is embarrassing. I was going to ARC in 2008, and I remember when a small group of teachers and students walked out of class to memorialize its passing with 8 minutes of silence in the center of campus. It was very somber, something that was disrupted the entire time by a Christian group that was not comprised of students, banging drums and playing instruments and horns and yelling through a megaphone. That combined with the fact that it seemed most students didn’t give a shit, the student government didn’t give a shit, and the campus allowing the inflammatory protesters on campus to disrupt a somber moment of silence for the people cast aside by prop 8….really gives you an idea for how people at ARC or in the general vicinity of the school empathize. Im glad I no longer go there, its pretty embarrassing to have been educated at a school so open to giving a forum to shit like this form people like this. I am writing a piece on this and would like to interview Cameron Weaver, Diefenbacher, and Fierce. staayposi at gmail dot com. Thanks.

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