Woman assaulted near campus


Zach Tierney and Zach Tierney

A woman was attacked near campus at the east side of Arcade Creek at 10:20 a.m. according to a campus crime bulletin released today at noon.

The woman was thrown to the ground and struck multiple times by the attacker.

The attacker then pulled the woman’s pants and underwear part way down before she was able to scream and fight him off.

The suspect, who fled east after the incident, is described as a dark-skinned African American male, about 6 foot tall in his early to mid 20s with a thin build and short hair in corn rows or dreads.

The suspect was also wearing a white T-shirt and dark pants and had a bicycle of unknown make or model but with some pink color.

After the incident, the victim went to the campus police department to report the crime.

The Current will follow the story and update it as information becomes available. Messages have been left with the sheriff’s department asking for more information.