Edreece Arghandiwal’s mindset is vital to growing women’s sports

Arghandiwal and the Oakland Roots team are giving women’s sports the support it deserves


Edreece Arghandiwal and the rest of the Oakland Roots team are giving women’s sports the proper funding and recognition that they deserve. (Photo Illustration by Heather Amberson)

Women’s sports have always been in the background and never seem to get the same attention or opportunities that men’s sports get. This leads to half of the world thinking they are less than or that they aren’t taken as seriously as their counterparts.

Women’s sports are usually underfunded and rarely covered fairly, which leads to a lack of marketability for the athletes and a salary that doesn’t come close to their male counterparts.

What Edreece Arghandiwal, the Oakland Roots Sports Club co-founder and chief marketing officer, and the rest of the Oakland Roots team are doing is vital to growing the game for female athletes and giving them the proper dedication and funding that they deserve.

The Oakland Soul is affiliated with the Oakland Roots Sports Club and plays in the United Soccer League W, which helps female athletes transition from the college to professional level. This gives more women an opportunity to hone their skills and develop towards the next level.

According to the Oakland Soul website, the league’s mission is to use women’s soccer as a force for creating a national platform to increase opportunity, gender equity and career development.

This league gives women an opportunity to get additional attention and have a bigger chance to market themselves.

Oakland Roots has also joined the Common Goal movement, which uses soccer to tackle many social issues, including gender inequality.

According to the Oakland Roots website, Common Goal participants contribute a minimum of 1% of their salaries to fight social inequality.

So, not only are the Oakland Roots team creating more jobs and attention for women’s sports, they are also giving back and showing women in sports that they matter and truly belong in the sports world just as much as the men do.

Giving women a platform is needed in the sports world right now, and the Oakland Roots team showing its commitment to women’s sports is a huge step in the right direction.

Arghandiwal and the rest of the Oakland Roots team show a passion for helping women’s sports get the recognition and fair funding that they deserve.