Letter to the Editor: Trustee should not represent students

Cameron Weaver speaks at the candidate forums during the student elections of the spring 2015 semester. Weaver, who was elected as Los Rios student trustee, recently cast doubt on the historical account of the Holocaust and said that being a conspiracy theorist is "a title I wear proudly." (File photo)

Dear Editor,

I’m appalled and saddened about the comments of Cameron Weaver about the Holocaust. He is ignorant and misinformed. He should not be representing the students or college as a trustee.

It is unfortunate that your fine college has been damaged by what he said while you interviewed him. Now your college is famous for the wrong ideas given by him. He should never be involved with politics.

He is also misinformed about people who take antidepressants.

I wonder where he got all of these wrong ideas?  The schools are not teaching this and I sure hope his parents did not contribute to these beliefs.

I hope your student body does something to recall him as your representative.


L. Ansell

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