Mass shooting resolution fails, Hylton addresses Current editorial at Senate’s final meeting


Associated Student Body Student Senate President David Hylton addresses the board during Thursday’s Student Senate meeting. It was the board’s final meeting of the spring 2016 semester. (Photo by Robert Hansen)

Robert Hansen

The American River College Associated Student Body (ASB) Student Senate failed to pass a resolution that originally called for more police to be stationed in the Student Center, Davies Hall and the library.

The board has spent at least 20 minutes discussing this resolution during each of the last three meetings. It has been a major topic of discussion as members of Senate have expressed concern over campus safety.

“We want campus security increased,” said CAEB President Justin Nicholson. “But I also think that we are arguing something that is not an immediate solution to any safety need we might have on campus.”

Sen. Kevin Phan, who authored the bill, voted against his own resolution after the board agreed to amend it and exclude the suggestion of where to station police on campus.

Phan said he felt the purpose of the bill had been lost.

“The Los Rios Police Department is doing a fine job protecting the students safety,” Phan said. “I just wanted to reduce the response time if a mass shooting happened on campus.”

Senate President David Hylton addressed the Current’s editorial in its latest issue during the meeting.

The editorial was a list of ways ASB can improve in coming semesters, such as finding better ways to spend money, the ideas of term limits and parliamentary training.

“Yes, it (Rock the Vote) didn’t get the amount of people that we would’ve liked to see vote,” Hylton said. “We got a substantial amount of surveys … over 800 were returned (by students).”

The water bottle refill station is another project that Hylton feels was a good way to spend money.

The only suggestion from the editorial that Hylton did not contest, was that incoming members should have training.

“I think they hit this one right on the head,” Hylton said. “If you’re going to sit here you, should take the time to learn parliamentary procedure, learn your constitution and bylaws.”

Finally, a bill that would donate $10,000 to the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC) for an advocacy event was introduced.

This bill redirects funds from the previously abandoned March in March event and the donation will not be given if next year the event in not held sometime between March 1 and April 30.