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    Kevin JencoApr 28, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    I would like to point out that once again the current has misstated a student government issue and left out information that leads to individuals looking bad, and in this case as though we are against campus safety. What is unfortunately entirely missing from this article is the entire reason Laurie jones and myself were against the resolution. The resolution called for the Losrios Police to station one officer each inside the cafeteria, library, and bookstore for the entire time they are open, it did not simply call for more police on campus. Doing this would require hiring more officers or reducing the number of officers actually patrolling the campus. American River College does not have unlimited funds by any means, and furthermore no member of the student senate is an expert in police deployment strategies on college campuses. For this reason the board agreed to amend the resolution to remove that language. I would appreciate it in the future if the current would actually listen to the recording they make of all Senate meetings before writing so they can properly frame issues and avoid distortions.

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