ARC women’s water polo team is back in the pool

Women’s water polo has returned back to campus but is still taking things slow


The women’s water polo team has returned to American River College’s campus and is conducting frequent practices while waiting to hear back from the Los Rios district office in regards to what’s next for Beaver athletics. (File Photo)

American River College’s administration has started to allow sports to slowly return to campus, allowing athletes to engage in practices for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020. 

Heather Moody, the ARC women’s water polo coach, says that the team has just started to get back into the water. 

We just got back in the pool, so just taking it slow as the athletes get back in the water. ​Nothing is planned at this time; it is a wait and see,” Moody said in an email to the Current

Moody says that the team is happy to be back together. 

“I think the women’s water polo team has handled the pandemic as well as they could,” Moody said. “Morale right now is excitement to be back in the water and to be around their teammates.” 

During this time staying in touch is especially important for students who are in collegiate sports. Moody says Zoom has been an active resource for the women’s water polo team. 

“​Zoom is the tool of choice; [They did] weekly workouts on Zoom, but now that they are back on campus, they are in the pool swimming, passing, and shooting,” Moody said. 

The upcoming fall semester at ARC will be hybrid, which means there will be mostly online learning, with the return of limited in-person learning. This has created more opportunities for students and Beaver athletics. 

Although sports are making a return to campus, it will take time until it is back in full effect. 

“At this time, I am waiting for the district to decide what the plan is for the sports teams. So no plans currently [for summer or fall semester],” Moody said. 

Students can stay up to date with the women’s water polo team and other sporting events, by visiting the Beaver Athletics website.