ARC blown out in final home game of the season

American River College women’s basketball team lost Tuesday against Sierra College by a score of 85-44, with Sierra taking advantage of ARC’s poor ball handling and lack of rebounding.

“The main factor was offensive rebounding, that’s the game in a nutshell,” said Matsunami on the team’s issues.

ARC’s back-to-back turnovers lead to Sierra going on a 7-2 run by the 16 minute mark of the first half, and Sierra never looked back.

Sierra got 5 offensive rebounds in one possession, giving Sierra guard Aliya Davis an uncontested 3-point shot, which inflated Sierra’s lead to 17-7 with only 11 minutes to go in the first half.

Sierra finished the game with over 50 rebounds total.

“They’re just better athletes, that’s why they’re going to the playoffs,” said Matsunami.

ARC’s turnovers helped fuel Sierra’s red hot shooting from beyond the 3-point line. By half, Sierra lead 38-19.

“We needed to pass the ball to the wing more to enable them from bringing the press,” said forward Haylee James on the adjustments ARC tried to make during the second half.

ARC found themselves losing by a margin north of 25 points for most of the second half, and  went scoreless in the last 3 minutes of play, as Sierra’s lead swelled to 41 points to end the game.

“At the end of the game, they’re still running the play,” said Matsunami about the games physical nature. “Whether we lose by four or 40, it’s all about the players on the floor and the effort they give.”

Prior to the start of the game, sophomores Erica Bossett, Jazlynne Macklin and Haylee James were awarded flowers for transferring.

“They all have such great work ethics,” said Matsunami about her transfer athletes. “In two years they’ll all have their degrees.”

ARC guard Erica Bossett had the flu, and was physically exhausted and was subbed out midway through the second half.

“(You’re) just trying to play as hard as you can,” said Bossett.

The women’s team will close out their season at San Joaquin Delta on Feb. 20 at 5:30 p.m.

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