10 fun spring break ideas for students in quarantine

As ARC students get ready for a week of no school, here are fun ideas to explore during spring break


Spring break starts on March 29th and ends April 4th, at American River College. Offices will be open Monday, March 29 through Thursday, April 1. (Photo via Unsplash)

Madison Duong, Staff Writer

Don’t know what to do during your spring break? Here’s a socially distanced friendly list of 10 fun ideas you can try exploring on your week free from schoolwork.  


  1. Visit the beach

You can never go wrong with paying a visit to the beach. It’s a great place to find peace and calm. Plus it’s always nice to get a breath of fresh air and what better place to find that than the beach? Click here to explore a list of beaches in Northern California.


      2. Conduct a spring-themed photoshoot 

For those who enjoy taking photos, dressing up, and just being creative this is something fun to do. It’s good to take advantage of the clear skies and blooming flowers spring has to offer. You can get lots of good photos taken and you can even spice it up and make it a spring-themed photoshoot, with color coordination and even props. This is something anyone can do by using their own creativity. 


      3. Try the four-course meal challenge with a loved one

If you’re a foodie, you’ll love this idea. This challenge has been trending on TikTok and it’s super fun. How to play? Simply grab a friend, mask up and play four rounds of rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins the round gets to choose which place to go to. This game is divided into drinks, appetizers, main course and dessert. It’s definitely a fun way to try new foods as well and it’s also a fair way to decide where to eat.


     4. Go hiking or camping

Nature lovers, take advantage of this break and go explore the earth. Outdoor activity is a good way to get some movement in. As well, spring break is a week without having to sit at a desk staring at a computer all day long. Go out and stretch, take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the views nature has to offer.


    5. Have a painting picnic

Having a picnic is very budget-friendly and it’s also super enjoyable, especially if you involve painting with it as well. This is an activity you can either do alone or with others, eating foods while sitting in nature and being able to have a creative space to paint whatever is on your mind is a great therapeutic activity for spring break. 


     6. Spring clean

Cleaning may sound excruciating for some people but the aftermath can be very satisfying and some may even find joy in it as well. If you’ve been stressed with work, school and personal problems, spring break is a good time for you to declutter, reorganize and throw away any unwanted items. You will feel super refreshed after. It’ll also be a way for you to have a nice fresh start when school does return, you won’t feel so cluttered. 


     7. Make Easter baskets for family and friends 

For those who celebrate Easter, making Easter baskets for family and friends is a great way to kill some time during spring break. Easter baskets don’t have to just be for kids, they can be for adults, too. Making a basket is a way to show your gratitude during this holiday and you can put whatever you think your loved ones will like. From their favorite candy to even their favorite toothpaste, anyone would feel appreciated to receive an Easter basket made with genuine love.


    8. Catch up and binge-watch TV shows

Spring break is the time for you to be free and do whatever you want. Especially catching up on that list of TV shows that have been in the queue. Now is the best time to start binge-watching the shows you have been putting off for so long. You can even start watching new shows that you have been interested in getting into for a while. 


     9. Change your hair 

This one might sound a little extreme, but there’s nothing wrong with living life on the edge. A new change is always nice to have and getting a new hairstyle or hair color can also be something to boost your confidence, we all deserve to feel a little beautiful after the tough quarantine COVID-19 put us through. 


    10. Grab a partner and try the Target shopping challenge

Yet again, another fun and trendy challenge you can try with a friend. This is especially an enjoyable activity if you love shopping. Due to the pandemic, many places have been closed but essential stores like Target are still open and you can make that essential shopping fun for you and a loved one. To play this game grab a partner, mask up and separate in the store and buy each other gifts according to different categories. The categories include: their favorite snack, their favorite drink, something that is their favorite color, something they need, something that reminds you of them, something you want them to try and something for the house. This game can also kind of be seen as a guessing game to see how well you and your partner know one another.