Letter to the editor: Jeff Gonzales

Current Reader

Dear Editor,

I stole a reserve book from the library. I took it back within minutes, but no one noticed.

The Current reported in February that the Associated Student Body Student Senate had concerns with the affordability of textbooks. I agree with this whole heartedly, however I feel the ASB should also be looking closer to campus and the problems that exist with our book reserve system.

As a student with financial difficulties, the books available on reserve have been a lifesaver for me. But there have been times when those books have been stolen, your paper reported on this two semesters ago. The number of reserve books is already limited with out them “walking” out of the library with no one noticing.

Librarians, as helpful as they are, don’t look at student’s IDs when checking out these books. Couple this with the imposing magnetic detectors not reacting the to book that I, in my rush to class, put into my backpack, students like myself are impacted with no possible recourse.

Along with lobbing, The ASB should see what they could do to improve the number of books available on reserve and work with the library to see how they can keep the books for students to use. This would help ensure that students with financial hardships can still receive the education they deserve.


Jeff Gonzales

Concerned Student