LRCCD to host virtual transfer week

Transfer week will take place from Sept. 20-Sept. 23


Los Rios Community College District students can learn about transferring to over 50 colleges and universities at virtual transfer week from Sept. 20-Sept. 23. (Photo via Unsplash)

Jahson Nahal, Staff Writer

The Los Rios Community College District will host a virtual transfer week from Sept. 20-Sept. 23, during which students from all four Los Rios colleges can learn about transferring to over 50 colleges and universities.

California State Universities, Universities of California, private colleges and out-of-state colleges will be presenting information about the student experience, application process, financial aid, programs, scholarships, campus and more.

“For students that don’t know where to transfer to, this is your first semester, or you’re still figuring it out, this is absolutely a great opportunity to get the full buffet menu of four-year universities and all the different options,” said Fong Tran, transfer specialist at American River College.

Each day of transfer week will include one-hour workshops from each college or university. Students can find the full schedule of workshops on the virtual transfer week website.

“Some of our biggest universities are of course going to be Sac State and UC Davis,” Tran said. “That’s why Sac State has their entirely separate day to themselves … and then UC Davis will have a two hour session on UC day.”

The first day of transfer week will be for California State University, Sacramento. Sacramento State will be holding a variety of virtual workshops about financial aid, admissions and much more. 

The second day will be for private and out-of-state colleges and universities, and the third day will be UC day. Some of the UC’s that will be presenting are UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz.

The last day of transfer week is CSU day. CSU day will offer workshops for California State University, Chico, San Francisco State University and many more CSU’s.

“This is probably the best bang for your buck in terms of ways to really explore four-year options, or if you already know where you want to go, this is a really good opportunity to solidify your plans,” Tran said.

Students must register ahead of time for the workshops they wish to attend. Students can register by going on the virtual transfer week website, selecting the day and clicking on the Zoom link for the workshop they wish to attend.