Model U.N. receives funds at CAEB meeting for annual conference


File photo by Ashley Hayes-Stone.

Felix Oliveros

On Dec. 4, Associated Student Body Club and Events Board members and representatives unanimously agreed to grant American River College’s Model United Nations Club $300 to fund its trip to the Model United Nations of the Far West Intercollegiate Annual Session event, a conference they attend every year.

A small group of representatives from different clubs were present to approve these funds that will go toward travel and living expenses for Model UN members. The annual conference will be held in April 2019, in Burlingame, California..

While $300 doesn’t cover a lot of the expenses, Model UN representative Samantha Martinez says she knows it’s a start.

“The $300 obviously wouldn’t cover the hotel, and all the other fees, but that’s what it would go towards, and our conference isn’t until April, but we obviously start raising money earlier,” Martinez said.

SOAR, which helps students with disabilities, and the ARC Physics and Astronomy clubs also requested funds but no representatives of either club were present to give their reasons as to why they need the funds.

SOAR requested $150, and the ARC Physics and Astronomy club requested a total of $350. Due to the absence of club representatives, the rest of the board members in attendance unanimously voted to postpone a decision until the next meeting, when members of the respective clubs will be present.

However, this meeting was the last one of the fall semester, so the decision for these funds will have to wait until spring.