Student Senate discusses budget leading up to ASB Special Elections


Alexus Hurtado

In its second meeting of the new semester, American River College’s Associated Student Body Senate convened on Sept. 7 to discuss the budget for conferences and Club Day, and the ASB Special Elections coming up.

Advisor Frankie Dotson-Johnson addressed the transitioning of the new senate members in her advisor’s message.

“We’re all kind of brand new. … We’re going to get through this meeting as we do everything else so be patient with each other and this process,” Dotson-Johnson said.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Gloria Powell, a volunteer for the League of Women Voters and the Youth Non-Partisan Voter Engagement Coalition, spoke to the senate about getting students registered to vote. Every Monday and Wednesday the Youth Non-Partisan Voter Engagement Coalition will have a table set up on campus to help students through the registration process.

The meeting then moved on to discussing old business, starting with internal bill F18-XX, which includes matching $25,000 for the water bottle filling stations.

Senator Laurie Jones motioned to postpone the bill until Sept. 13.

The senate then discussed the budget for all three Club Days for this semester. Vice President Elena DeNecochea motioned to split the $1,200 budget in bill F18-XX evenly between all three days. Jones motioned to strike the bill to allow the allocated budget for Club Days to be spent however the senate sees fit. The motion was approved with no objections.

The senate then approved the allocation of $400 to cover expenses for the ASB special elections on Sept. 25.

The senate moved to approve the budget of $12,000 for the senate to attend the Student Senate of California Community College General Assembly and $400 for the Los Rios Community College District Leadership Summit.

To conclude old business, the senate approved the $12,000 budget to also attend the California Community College Student Affairs Association conference in October.

For new business, Jones motioned to allocate $400 for a lockable cabinet for the ASB President’s office. The motion was postponed by Dotson-Johnson in order for her to look for the lost keys to the cabinet already available in the office.

Finally, the senate approved the allocation of $200 for business cards for the fall 2018 ASB officers, but won’t purchase them until after the elections.