ARC prepares to host career fair


ARC prepares to host is semiannual Career Fair in the Student Center on Oct. 5, 2017. (File photo)

Hannah Yates

Job hunters need to look no further than ARC’s Career Fair, where an expansive list of companies will be speaking to students about job prospects on campus this Thursday.

The event takes place from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in Community Rooms 1-4 at the Student Center. Employers at the event will be looking for students from all academic fields.

The fair is held each Spring and Fall semester and is sponsored by ARC’s Career Center, which regularly hosts resume workshops and other free services for students and faculty.

At Career Fairs, students meet and network with company representatives and learn about career opportunities for a variety of fields. It is a chance to practice professional skills or ask questions about job positions or hiring processes.

Liliana Plamadeala, a student assistant at the center, said that this semester’s fair will be her second she has helped set up.

“We prepared the place, we have balloons, and the companies bring everything for their tables.” Plamadeala said.

“Students volunteer, and at the end they will [receive] a meal voucher.” The food is included in the price of registration for companies attending.

The fair has information about employers of many different fields, and is not limited to particular fields of study.

“All students [should] attend, even students outside of the school,” she said.

ARC’s Career Fairs have been going on for over 22 years, according to Jennifer Garcia, the Student Personnel Assistant at the center.

The Career Center has printouts of the agencies attending and tips for attending the career fair, or students can check the lists on the school’s site. Students are recommended to refine their resumes before the fair, and bring both physical and digital copies.

Resume workshops are held by the center multiple times per month, with the next one taking place on Monday, Oct. 9 in the Disabled Students Programs and Services conference room.

Some of the companies attending include FedEx, CalVet, CA Highway Patrol, Multimedical Systems, and programs by the San Juan Unified School District.