Student Senate requests more cameras for parking garage


Senator Mahmoud Abduljabbar, Senator Lidia Lara, Director of Finance Jesse Taylor, Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez and Senator Laurie Jones at the September 28, 2017 Student Senate meeting. (Photo by John Ennis)

John Ennis

At Student Senate’s Sept. 28 meeting, American River College’s police captain Chris Day addressed the board about their concerns over the need for additional security cameras in the parking garage due to a number of recent accidents.

Currently there are only two cameras in the garage, one at the entry and one at the exit.

Senator Laurie Jones emailed Day after the board had a discussion at a previous meeting about installing new cameras in the structure.

“When they were building it, some items got cut out because of the budget, and some of that was security cameras. So there is conduit inside the parking structure to allow for cameras to be added at a later would be a good time to do that,” Day said.

Day added that he would look into the infrastructure requirements for purchasing and installing new cameras, as well as how the data from the cameras would be stored.

“At this point it’s something that needs to be further researched and looked into,” Day said.

Day has worked for the Los Rios Community College District for 23 years and as a captain at ARC for over 14 years.

Mahmoud Abduljabbar took an oath and was sworn in as senator by Student Senate President Deborah Hernandez after a recent walkover election.

A walkover election is an awarding of a victory to a candidate in an election who has no rival.

The Clubs and Events Board will now meet on Tuesdays since they’ve elected a new president, Mariana Topich and commissioner of finance, Jacob Kohl.