CAEB reviews success of Club Day, passes Fashion Club grant


American River College Clubs and Events Board President Justin Nicholson (center) discussing Club Day at an October meeting with Ashlee Nicholson (right) and Valencia Scott (left) in the Board room. (File Photo)

Mychael Jones

The Clubs and Events Board (CAEB) reviewed last weeks Club Day then swore in a new director of finance and approved a grant for the fashion club today at today’s meeting.

Club Day had positive feedback according to CAEB President Justin Nicholson, however, there were some challenges.

President of Fashion Club Laurie Jones commented on a difficulty that occurred during one of the games played.

“Research Club had a game that was too hard where it went on a trajectory and you had only one shot,” Jones said.

Director of Finance Bryan Stalker added that the prizes seemed lackluster.

“I feel as if though we underutilized prizes,” Stalker said.

Prizes that were handed out for winners of the games included popcorn, candy, and selfie sticks.

Adviser Juan Blanco commented on his participation at Club Day.

“Some of the games were challenging but got people interested,” Blanco said.

Nicholson had said during the meeting that there was a need to promote Club Day better.

“We got to find the most efficient and effective way to promote Club Day,” Nicholson said.

Jones supported a grant should be approved for the Fashion Club which was approved by a unanimous vote.  

The meeting concluded with talk about the Murder Mystery Dinner which will be a 1950s theme based around the board game Clue.

Kylie Marks was sworn in as new director of finance.