Student Senate president to undergo recall election within the week


Student Senate President David Hylton, in the blue shirt, calls upon Sen. Regina Drake, who raises her hand to volunteer for the election committee that would go into effect if Hylton is recalled. A student petition was brought before the board calling for a recall after Hylton expressed support for Los Rios Student Trustee Cameron Weaver, who came under fire for his skepticism about the Holocaust. (Photo by Jordan Schauberger)

Jordan Schauberger

It was announced that there will be a recall election of acting Student Senate President David Hylton on eServices before next Wednesday.

A specific date for the special election was not announced.

The Center for Leadership and Development received a petition signed by hundreds of students asking for Hylton’s recall. The effort was spearheaded by Jorge Riley, who was acting Student Senate President in Fall 2013.

Three-quarters of the voters will have to vote to recall for Hylton to be removed from office.

Hylton, who became acting president after former President Garrett Kegel and Vice President Sam Kinsey abruptly resigned at the end of September, had come under fire due to comments he made supporting Student Trustee Cameron Weaver, who said he was “skeptical” of the Holocaust.

Riley was happy that the recall is going to a student vote, but said he was skeptical the vote will truly be representative of the students.

“I don’t think it’ll get the proper attention,” said Riley. “Administration pick and choose who they want in office to be their puppet.”

The board also formed an elections committee to process any possible election violation reports.

The committee is made up of two members from Student Senate – Director of Legislative Affairs Laurie Jones and Sen. James Cortright – and two members of the Clubs and Events Board – Physics Club representative Colton Hobbs and Medieval Battle Club representative Teresa Bergman. The committee will be chaired by CAEB Vice President Mary Stedman.

The board appointed Valencia Scott as a senator.

Scott said that she is eager to join the board and has a large background in leadership.

“I’m really into student activism and forming a cohesive atmosphere on campus,” said Scott. “I’m a transfer student from the (City) College of New York … back there I was part of multiple student boards, including the Athena Pre-Law Society where I was treasurer.”

The board also appointed Sen. Jeremy Diefenbacher as the director of finance, the position vacated after Hylton’s ascension to the presidency.

With the appointment of Diefenbacher, Joint Budget Committee (JBC) is going to be able to hold their first meeting in a month.

During the JBC meeting, the board brought forward, but did not vote on, bills on funding canopies for CAEB, removing and possibly replacing the broken digital monitor in front of the library and expanding ASB’s advertising budget from $25,000 to $45,000.