CAEB opens school year with five vacant positions


CAEB President Justin Nicholson, left, explains his plans for the Sept. 24 club day as vice president Mary Stedman looks on. CAEB had five vacant positions at their first meeting of the semester Tuesday. (Photo by John Ferrannini)

By Jordan Schauberger and John Ferrannini

The Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board appointed a vice president at its first meeting of the semester Tuesday, which brings the total leadership of the board to three students.

Mary Stedman said she had student government experience at Mira Loma High School, where she worked with current CAEB President Justin Nicholson.

“I have had experience as treasurer and vice president in high school,” said Stedman. “I worked with Justin (Nicholson) on GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance).”

Stedman said she wanted to involve more students in CAEB.

“My goal is to make this a closer community,” said Stedman. “I’ve witnessed students not being involved and I want to make that better.”

Five of the eight leadership positions on CAEB are empty, with Nicholson and Student Senate President Garrett Kegel being the only other members of the board right now.

“We are now able to write bills,” said Nicholson. “As president, I’m not able to write bills, so now that we have Mary (Stedman) we’ve gotten a lot bills written. Once we get more members we’ll be able to spread out the work, but we’ll be able to handle it until the board fills out.”

CAEB approved Bill F15-02, which provides $300 for “decorations, prizes, supplies for activities and the club contest” at the Sept. 24 club day.

The club day’s theme is “Let The Games Begin.”

“The idea of this is to design your own table like a game,” said Nicholson. “People who are in student government or who are just walking around can play.”

The club with the best game table will receive $30.

Juan Miguel Blanco, the adviser for the Associated Student Body student government, said that starting in October students will be allowed to handle food at club days after attending a brief workshop.

Marcus Bergman, representing the Medieval Fight Club, informed the board about the activities of his club.

“We’re going to be doing our fight practices on Thursday afternoons right on the dead grass in front of the library,” said Bergman. “Everyone is welcome to play.”

The Anthropology club will be returning to ARC for the first time in a few years, according to club representative Bruce Rand.

“It will be the first time in three or four years,” said Rand. “I’m here to provide the volunteering to do what needs to be done here at CAEB.”

The board ended the meeting with a positive outlook for the rest of the year.

“I’m very optimistic,” said Nicholson. “Having been a part of club days last year with Fierce club, I know that we can do a lot of great things.”

“I’m pretty excited and looking forward to the future,” said Stedman.