CAEB changes elections bylaws, discusses campus smoking policy


Joseph Daniels and Joseph Daniels

The Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board passed bylaws that change the date of fall special elections to the end of September, discussed the smoking policy and introduced a contest for the upcoming Club Day.

The current bylaws say that the special election is to be held on the second Tuesday of September.

“That is not enough time to throw a special election,” said CAEB President Jeremy Diefenbacher of the original date.

CAEB Director of Activities LeslieAnn Dameron reminded students to participate in American River College’s smoking policy survey that was delivered to students’ email accounts.

The survey asks students, faculty and staff to support one of three possibilities: maintaining the current tobacco policies, creating designated smoking areas or create a smoke free campus.

“Our administration is saying we need students to weigh in,” said Dean of Student Development Manuel Perez. “Very few times do you get a district wide survey that says, ‘students you have to go on to do this, because this is your campus.’”

Many members of the board had questions about when it’s okay for those who are running in the upcoming election to campaign. Perez advised for everyone to contact him on their own time at the Center For Leadership and Development.

Perez said that applications to be a student development Sage, which is a paid student position, can be found at the CLD.

The upcoming Club Day’s theme will be inspired by the board game Candyland.

One of the contests that the clubs may enter is called Beaver Bites, which requires clubs to design the packaging for a fictional candy.

The prize will be $50 for the club that wins.

“Please don’t use real candy or food in your design,” said Dameron. “Think like cardboard, glitter or craft supplies.”

A grant was read to give the fashion department $150. It will be decided on at the next CAEB meeting.