CAEB passes term limits, appoints elections committee members


Lena DoBynes and Lena DoBynes

The Associated Student Body Clubs and Events Board held two meetings last week to discuss and act upon a proposal for term limits and to appoint two members of the committee to oversee the upcoming student elections.

CAEB adopted similar term limits to those the Senate passed on Feb. 2. Now, CAEB members will no longer be allowed to serve more than three years.

CAEB president Jeremy Diefenbacher had trouble with people speaking out of turn and had to reiterate that he must call on them in order for them to have the floor.

“Let’s get on the same page,” said Diefenbacher. “I understand that there is other stuff going on with this vote, but it is unnecessary and unprofessional – I urge you to vote how you feel.”

Diefenbacher and LeslieAnn Dameron, CAEB director of activities, were appointed to the elections committee.

The elections committee will oversee the elections for the ASB Student Senate and CAEB, which will be held from April 14 to 15.

“We want to clarify and make the (election) committee more transparent,” said Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB Student Senate president.

Reports on March in March, preparations for the upcoming club day and approval of revisions to the organization’s bylines were also discussed.

Diefenbacher described the March in March, which allowed students to protest their concerns about hikes in tuition and other community college issues at the capitol, as “fun” and thanked the audience for allowing him and other students who participated in the march to represent the school.

“There were people from all over, including so-Cal, and we actually marched,” Diefenbacher said.

He went on to say that some students had a chance to voice their concerns to the Vice Chancellor Paul Feist.

Dunning said that she appreciated the turnout from students across the state, which included 23 students from ARC.

With club day around the corner, the board is finalizing preparations for the event.

Discussion over t-shirt designs and the club contests, which include individual clubs dressing up as either beavers or aliens, and the creation of an original science project were the main focus of club day.

Slogans suggested for the t-shirts ranged from a playful take on a well-known nursery rhyme to less original sayings comparing beavers to the sun.

Each contest will be judged by the students and the club with the most votes will win $30 toward their club account.