Senate to spend $16,000 on back-to-school packets


John Ferrannini and John Ferrannini

At an abbreviated meeting on Nov. 25, the ASB student senate approved the use of up to $16,000 for back-to-school packets containing senate contact information, $750 for the purchase of scantrons, blue books and pencils for a finals week giveaway, and $500 to donate to the American River Review literary magazine.

The back-to-school packets, intended to be distributed to students next semester, will contain contact information for student and local government representatives, a list of upcoming advocacy events and club days, and a USB drive containing other information.

Tamara Dunning, who is acting as ASB student senate president, defended the decision to increase the amount being spent on the folders from $4,000 as originally proposed.

“I would like to remind this board to read their constitution,” said Dunning. “If we don’t spend it then we are not spending student funds in the way that they were intended and with the reasons they were given to us.”

Dunning said that advocacy means reaching out to students.

“We are tasked with getting this information to our students,” she said.

The Senate allocated $750 for the purchase of scantrons, blue books, and pencils to be given away to students during finals week.

David Hylton, senate director of activities, estimated that this amount can purchase 200 pencils, 300 blue books, and 400 scantrons.

Before the Senate passed the $500 donation to the American River Review, adviser Michael Spurgeon touted the achievements of the literary magazine while saying that increasing student awareness is difficult.

“It’s difficult to keep students aware that this resource is available,” said Spurgeon. “We enter national competitions every year. Last year, for the 2014 edition, we won first prize in all three we entered.”

Spurgeon said that the $500 will help with increasing the magazines visibility.

Sen. Shayana Mendes took time to lay out “several student concerns brought to my attention.”

“There are currently no bus passes for the summer,” said Mendes. “Students want to be able to take summer classes. Definitely this is something that needs to be addressed.”